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10 Signs You're from Madison

Madison is home to some of the best people in the world (if we do say so ourselves). If you want to be a Badger, just read this list of signs that you're from Madison. We think you'll recognize more than a few.

1. You know that the terrace has the best beer, brats and views in town.

2. Half of your wardrobe is red...

3. ... and the other half is green and gold.

4. You know at least a dozen people that work at Epic.

5. Spicy cheese bread. That is all.

6. You know the best place in town for a picnic.

7. You know what to listen for to identify high-quality cheese curds.

8. You think 40 degrees in March is shorts weather.

9. You've spent countless nights on State Street.

10. You know that when you've said Wisconsin, you've said it all.

Madison is simply the best, and as someone living in Madison, you deserve the best too. Let the best dentists take care of your teeth. Click here to schedule your next appointment.